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Requisition Instructions

As you open the requisition form from the website, a unique requisition number is assigned. Because of this, each new requisition to be submitted to Purchasing must be opened from the website. Do not save requisitions and reuse the same number on multiple orders.

  1. To access the new, online requisition form, click the ‘Forms’ link at the left on this page. Click the ‘Requisition Form’ link in the middle of the page to open the form.
  2. On the left side of the header, click on the link that says ‘Click here for Requisition No….’. A new page will open with the requisition number.
  3. Click on the back arrow to return to the requisition and type the assigned number into the shaded field to the right of the link.
  4. Complete the Requisition on-line by tabbing through the fields, or print the form and write or type into the form. For complete instructions in filling out a requisition, please refer to the Purchasing Services Manual.We have two new fields on this requisition after the description of line items:
    • ‘Inst Y/N’ asks if this line item is instructional or not. If it is instructional, enter ‘Y’. If not, enter ‘N’.
    • ‘Acct.’ indicates the account that should be applied to this line item from the list of accounts entered at the top of the form. At the left of the ‘Account Number’ field, each line has a number, 1 through 4. If you need to attach a list of accounts, be sure to number them so the account number can be indicated on each line item.
  5. To print the form, select File, Print. On the print dialog box under Print Range, select ‘Pages’ and type in the range 1 to 1. If you print all you will get a second sheet with the assigned requisition number. Print one copy to be submitted to Purchasing with all required signatures, and print one copy for your files. Because of the way the form is set up, it can not be saved on your hard drive and then pulled up for reference. When it’s opened again, all data on the form will be deleted. Be sure to keep a printed copy for your files.
  6. To open a new requisition, you must completely close your browser and return to the website. If you do not close and reopen your browser, the number given when you click the link will be the same number as the previous requisition.

If you have any questions or problems, please call Jenny Akins at Extension 2139 or email her at