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MyCAA for Military Spouses

MyCAA at Palomar College

Are you a military spouse looking to utilize MyCAA to pay for your courses at Palomar? Please read the information below to get started! We look forward to having you apart of our Palomar College Community!

How to get started:

  • Visit the Base Education Center (BEC) to receive information on how to contact your MyCAA counselor. You will want to meet with a MyCAA counselor first, before working with a Palomar College counselor.
  • Apply for Admissions with Palomar College.
  • Schedule a Counseling Appointment to create a Palomar Education Plan and Education & Training Plan (ETP) for MyCAA.
  • Submit both Education Plan and Education & Training Plan (ETP) to your MyCAA Counselor.

Next Steps:

  • Once your Education Plan and ETP are approved by your MyCAA counselor, you are ready to enroll into courses at Palomar.
  • Notify Palomar College of your enrollment and use of MyCAA by email or A staff member will add a notification to your account to prevent you from being dropped from non-payment.
  • Submit an approved MyCAA pay voucher to or
  • Palomar will submit billing for courses listed on the voucher 2 weeks after course start date. Once Palomar has received payment, your tuition fees will be removed from your account. *NOTE* MyCAA will ONLY pay for tuition fees. Any additional fees associated with your courses will have to be paid out of pocket or through another form of financial assistance.
  • Palomar will submit grades for courses 30 days after course completion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting with your MyCAA Counselor first will be a helpful way to discuss your educational goals and what programs you can pursue when utilizing MyCAA.

Your Education Plan is your standard plan created by a Palomar College Counselor. Your Education & Training Plan (ETP), is required by MyCAA to upload your program and course information to their system. Both can be created by your Palomar Counselor.

You can! However, please know that if you qualify for the California Colleges Promise Grant (CCPG) through the FAFSA application, there will be no need to use MyCAA as your tuition will be paid automatically when you qualify. If you would like to use MyCAA to pay for tuition but still qualify for Federal Aid (i.e. Pell Grant), you can deny funds for CCPG. Please reach out to the Financial Aid Office if this is preferred.

Yes, as long as they all have the same start and end date. For example, if you are taking one class during the first 8 weeks of the semester, and another during the second 8 weeks, you will need to submit two different vouchers.

Vouchers can be submitted to

Yes! Please fil out the Residency Request Form and submit it to with a copy of your Military Dependent ID.

Contact our office!


Phone: 760-744-1150 ext. 7818

We recommend reaching out to your MyCAA Counselor. You may owe MyCAA tuition for failed courses.

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