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Classroom Locations and Maps

Classes for SUMMER & FALL 2020 will be conducted ONLINE – No on-base, face-to-face classes will be conducted aboard Camp Pendleton during these semesters.

We are encouraging students to stay enrolled into their FT2 classes and take them in the online format.  If an online class is not a suitable learning environment for you, you may drop your class through your MyPalomar account under Student Service.

If you need assistance, please click here to view steps to drop your class(es).

Classroom Locations and Maps

In your Student Center, you may find that your classroom location is marked as one of the following: CPPEN-M, CPPEN-S, or CPPEN-N.  These locations are in relation to areas on base in which we utilize classroom space.

CPPEN-M (mainside) refers to the following classroom locations: BLDG 12073, BLDG 16047T, BLDG 1331, BLDG 25265, & MCAS Classroom.

CPPEN-S (south) refers to the following classroom locations: BLDG 210568, BLDG 31A60B2, & BLDG 32877.

CPPEN-N (north) refers to the following classroom locations: BLDG 524103

Click on the link below to view the map to your classroom locations:



Building 12073 (CLB-1)

Building 1331 (Palomar College Site Location)

Building 16047T

Building 210568 (Track AAS Auditorium- Del Mar)

Building 25265

Building 31A60B2, RM 1202 (EDSON RANGE)

Building 32877

Building 524103 (SOI- SNCO Academy)

MCAS Classroom (Marine Corps Air Station)

Visitor Center Map (for obtaining your Base Pass)






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