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Tuition Assistance



Tuition Assistance is the Military’s Financial Assistance Program and helps cover tuition costs for courses for Active Duty personnel. 

Tuition Assistance will cover 100% of your tuition up to $250 per semester credit hour.

Cost of Tuition at Palomar College is $46.00 per unit/credit.

Before Getting Started:

If you are planning on using Tuition Assistance (TA), please be sure to speak with the Base Education Center before enrolling into courses at Palomar College.  The Base Education Center will assist you in the application process and help you understand the rules and regulations pertaining to the use of TA.

The Base Education Center (BEC) website has a lot of useful information that may help as well!  Please click here to visit their website.

  1. First time using TA?  Please be aware that TA will only cover ONE class the first time you use this assistance.
  2. Cost of Tuition at Palomar College is $46.00 per unit/credit (i.e. 4 unit course will be $184.00 total).
  3. Navy- If it is your first time using TA, you will be required to submit an education plan to get your request approved.  You can get an education plan by making a Counseling Appointment with one of our Palomar College Counselors.  Please call us to schedule an appointment.
  4. Marines- For your first time using TA, you will not be required to have an education plan.  You may be required to submit one your second time utilizing TA.  If that is the case, please call us to schedule a Counseling Appointment.
  5. Keep up your grades!  A’s and B’s will allow you to take more than one class at a time and use TA! Please note that TA will not pay for classes that you receive an F, FW, or D grade.

Tuition Assistance with Palomar College:

Now what? Read through the information below regarding using Tuition Assistance with Palomar College.

  1. If you are using TA, please let Palomar College know! While you are waiting for your TA to be approved, we will put a hold on your account to prevent you from getting dropped from your course due to non-payment. This saves your seat in the course without being penalized for a non-payment!
  2. Once your TA has been approved, please submit a signed copy of your TA voucher to either the Camp Pendleton Site or the Cashiers Office at the Main Campus.
  3. If you submitted a request for TA and it was not approved, you will be responsible for finding another source of payment or you can drop the course. You are welcome to pay for the course out of pocket or apply for FAFSA to see if you qualify for State and/or Federal Aid.
  4. Palomar College will process billing at the END of the full semester.  If you are taking a fast-track course (i.e. fast-track 1) we will not bill for your TA at the end of the fast-track but at the completion of the full semester.
  5. Please note that your Student Account will reflect that you still owe money for tuition.  Do not panic!  If you let us know you are using TA, the hold we put on your account will let us know a payment will be coming from TA.  The account will be cleared once we have received payment (this could be up to 2 months after the semester is completed).
    • Note- TA will only cover tuition costs, not any additional course fees associated with the course (i.e. Student Representation Fee, Health Fee, Course Fees, etc.)
    • You can pay any additional course fees separately through the Camp Pendleton Site or at the Cashiers Office at the Main Campus before TA has paid your tuition fees.
  6. As mentioned above, TA will not pay for classes that you received an F, FW, or D grade.  You will be responsible for paying for the class either to Palomar College or to TA directly.
    • If TA ends up paying Palomar College, they may request you to pay them directly.  If you know you will receive one of the grades listed above, we recommend cancelling your TA with the BEC and paying for your class directly to Palomar College.
  7. Dropping Classes-  Depending on the time of your drop, you may have to pay for your course if it is after the refund deadline at Palomar College (refund and grading timelines are located in your Student Center under your Class Schedule).  If that is the case, we recommend cancelling your TA with the BEC and paying for your course.
  8. Military and Medical Withdraws- If you had to withdraw from a course due to a military obligation or for a medical reason and it is past the refund deadline, you will need to submit a Military or Medical Withdraw letter to TA explaining the circumstances behind your situation.  If approved by TA, they will be responsible for paying Palomar College for your course.  You can get a sample letter of a Military or Medical Withdraw from the BEC.  This will need to be typed up, signed off by your Command, and turned in with any supporting evidence.