Palomar College Learning For Success

Employee of the Year

Confidential and Supervisory Team (CAST) Employee of the Year Nomination (2018-2019)

Submission Requirements and Information:

  • Criteria for which an employee may be considered for this award:

    A contribution or set of contributions in which the nominee continues to excel within his/her normal job activities.

    Development of a new procedure, system, activity, method or other concept that substantially contributes to the successful operation of Palomar College..

    Performance by the nominee of a single act or ongoing acts that significantly improve Palomar College's relationship with its staff and/or community.

    Outstanding leadership abilities.

    Consistent outstanding and professional performance. Exceptional interpersonal relations that support employee growth and/or development and foster open/productive communications at all levels.

    Motivates and inspires the best in all of us. Seeks out and rewards good behavior and confronts unacceptable behavior.

    Cooperates in attaining mutual goals.

    Communicates high expectations to faculty and staff in your area.

    Consistent outstanding performance.

    Creativity and dependability.

    Serves as an institutional advocate rather than a narrow constituency advocate.

    Always remembers the mission of Palomar College: We are an educational leader committed to quality learning. We provide our community the knowledge, information, skills, and aesthetic appreciation necessary to live responsibly, effectively, and creatively in an interdependent and changing world.