The Child Development Department at Palomar College is a comprehensive program within the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division. The department offers six AS degrees and eight certificates in Child Development. The Child Development Department prepares students for employment as infant/toddler teachers, preschool teachers, day care providers, directors, elementary school teachers, and other child development careers, such as trainers and consultants, that focus on the child, from birth to age 8.

The Child Development Department is a highly successful program at Palomar College. The department works closely with the Early Childhood Education Lab School on campus, as well as many other childcare sites in the community, by placing students to observe and/or participate with young children.  The department oversees the operations of the Early Childhood Education Lab Schools at the Palomar College San Marcos and Escondido sites. The department also directs the Child Development Training Consortium and the California Early Childhood Mentor Program. Additionally, the department works with the Cares Program, which operates through the YMCA.

All of the programs and opportunities offered by the Child Development Department benefit students at Palomar College, as well as community members, through education, experience, financial assistance, and high quality child care.

We are located at:
1140 W. Mission Road
San Marcos, CA 92069

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— Student Advising —
If you need assistance with transferring, planning your schedule, applying for a permit or any other information regarding the department, please schedule an appointment with Jenny Fererro, Department Chair
jfererro@palomar.edu or 760-744-1150 x2314

Palomar College Diversity Statement:
We at Palomar College take pride in our gender, sexual, religious, ethnic, and racial diversity.  We do not tolerate hate of any kind on campus, and we especially condemn in the strongest possible terms the intolerance and mistreatment of those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning.  Embrace all differences!