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FASPC (11/12/15)

Finance & Administrative Services Planning Council

The following action and discussion took place at the November 12, 2015 meeting of the Finance & Administrative Services Planning Council:


  • Minutes from the September 24th meeting were approved.
  • Chris Miller discussed the SPPF requests that are due November 16th. 75% of the FY15-16 SPPF funds will be allocated to fund one or two large institutional-wide initiatives and the remaining 25% to other projects.
  • Connie Moise discussed AP 3720, Computer and Network Use and the need to change some of the language.
  • Chris Miller reported there is a need for a lactation facility on campus for staff and students and Facilities is currently searching for a possible location.
  • Chris Miller reported the new Baseball Field is complete with the grand opening scheduled for their first home opener in January 2016.
  • Chris Miller reported the old Baseball Field will be turned into a temporary parking lot for students due to the loss of parking when the Parking Structure construction starts.

Additional information can be found at the Finance & Administrative Services Planning Council Website: