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IPC (4/13/16)

The following discussion took place at the April 13, 2016 meeting of the Instructional Planning Council:


  • Interim VP Sourbeer reviewed the Top 20 rankings for 2017-18 faculty hires recommended by the IPC Hiring Subcommittee. This item was moved to action and the list was approved. It will now be taken to Strategic Planning Council for consideration.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer updated the council on the work that has been done on the Accreditation recommendations. An electronic form for contacting constituency representatives to ask questions or provide feedback on council/committee activities was added to the Comet Information Exchange (CIE). Here is a link to access the CIE:
  • Dean Sivert mentioned that SSEC recently approved most of the funding requests that were submitted for review.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer reported out for Wendy Nelson on SLOAC indicating that LOC is discussing ways to assess one of their institutional learning outcomes – Knowledge of Human Culture and the Physical and Natural World – through the PRP process next fall. LOC is in the middle of their GE/ILO assessment of Digital Literacy. So far they have assessed over 20 classes and will continue to assess for the next two weeks.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer gave an update on enrollment, indicating that the fall schedule is being finalized and many strategies to increase enrollment are underway, including increased outreach and renewed relationships with partner districts.
  • Interim Dean Blanchard gave an update report on the Adult Education Block Grant explaining the college is working with the Education to Career Network of North San Diego County, a consortium of service area districts, and has developed a three year plan with the goal of ending duplication of services and working collaboratively to align Adult School curriculum to transition seamlessly to college and/or the workforce.

Additional information can be found at the Instructional Planning Council Website: