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Tag: Faculty Hiring Procedures

SPC (10/1/15)

Strategic Planning Council

The following action and discussion took place at the October 1, 2015 meeting of the Strategic Planning Council:


  • Benefits Committee membership change
  • Comet Information Exchange
  • Strategic Plan 2016 Year 3 Goals and Objectives
  • Enrollment Task Force
  • 2015-2016 SPPF Allocation


  • Reminder that SPPF funds need to be spent by the end of the second year or the remainder money will be given to the Councils for their PRPs
  • Review of the 2015-2016 SPC Timeline
  • Review of the 2014-2015 SPC Governance Self-Evaluation
  • Report that ACCJC called a meeting to hear public comments on the Accreditation Task Force’s findings and then discuss it in closed session
  • Report that FASPC began identifying topics to submit for SPPF
  • Report that IPC decided to use the same PRP forms as last year
  • Report that SSPC discussed communication with member’s constituencies and ideas to increase enrollment and recruit/train students
  • Report that CCE signed off on the change to benefit provider
  • Report that the Faculty Senate approved the faculty hiring procedures draft #13
  • The Political Economy Days will be on October 14 and 15

Additional information and exhibits can be found at the Strategic Planning Website:

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IPC (09/23/15)

 Instructional Planning Council

The following discussion took place at the September 23, 2015 meeting of the Instructional Planning Council:


  • Presentation from Faculty Senate regarding Faculty Hiring Procedures (FHP) including recommendations for edits to the document
  • Mollie Smith was appointed the IPC representative for the Accreditation Steering Committee
  • Discussion regarding the 2015-16 PRP Forms,

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