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Counseling Department

Counseling Services Division

Counseling Courses

The Counseling Department offers a variety of 1 unit and 3 unit courses.  For class times and locations see the current class schedule.

1-Unit Counseling Courses

Coun 45 Basic Study Skills (1 unit)
Study improvement techniques, time management techniques, memory and note taking skills, and test taking methods.

Coun 48 Overcoming Test Anxiety(1 unit)
Provides instruction in understanding the sources of test anxiety and the techniques for overcoming it.

Coun 165 Career Search (1 unit)
A four session course which includes assessment of skills, interests, personality preferences, and values. The process includes career exploration, labor market research, and the development of a career action plan.

Coun 170 Major Search (1 unit)
A quick course to help you choose your major. You attend only three meetings where you will assess your interests, research college majors and create an educational plan.


3-Unit Counseling Courses

Coun 110 College Success Skills (3 units)
Provides students with skills, tools, and techniques to reach educational objectives including time management, test taking, note taking, reading comprehension, memory development and more. This course is also available online.

Coun 100 Basic Counseling Skills (3 units)
An introduction to the principles and practices of effective helping skills, through informal lectures, video tapes, and small group practice and role play.

Coun 115 Career/Life Planning (3 units)
Designed to motivate students to take responsibility for themselves and to make choices, including those related to career and education.

Coun 120 Quest for Identity (3 units)
A course that helps students identify their strengths, core values, and personality characteristics so they can define and pursue a life mission. Learned skills include: goal setting, problem solving, raising self-esteem, and communication skills.

Coun 148 Managing Stress and Well-Being (3 units)
Investigates the sociological, physiological, and psychological sources of stress and well-being across the lifespan.  Students learn mindfulness and stress reduction techniques.

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If you are taking more than 12 units for summer, complete this  Request-To-Exceed-12-Units-Petition-Summer-2019 and submit it to the Counseling Division Administrative Assistant in SSC-37A.

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