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Education Plans

What is an education plan?

An education plan (commonly shortened to ed plan) is a personalized semester by semester course of study outlining a strategy for identifying and reaching your educational goals. Included are recommended career planning activities and support tools. An education plan should be developed during your first semester and maintained throughout your enrollment at Palomar College.


How to obtain an ed plan

Schedule an appointment with a counselor to create an education plan or to update your ed plan. Appointments are booked 2-3 weeks in advance, so plan ahead. For quick questions, schedule a Quick Question appointment for a 15 minute session. You also have the option of joining a group session if you have less than 15 units and no transcripts from other colleges.


How to prepare for your ed plan appointment/session


1. Create a list of questions ahead of time.
2. Explore some careers through these links if you are undecided:
    • Take a career assessment through Career Coach.
    • Watch some videos on various careers through Roadtrip Nation. (PCC19 if asked for college code.)
3. Decide on whether or not you want a Certificate, an Associate degree, or a Bachelor’s degree.
4. Review the requirements for your major.
5. Make sure you have transcripts from other colleges on file with Palomar or have unofficial copies ready for your appointment if you have a one-on-one session.
Last modified on September 2, 2020