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Counseling Services Division

FAQs and Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can attend Palomar College?
  2. What is an education plan?
  3. Do I need an appointment to see a counselor?
  4. When do I see a counselor?
  5. Can I re-take my assessment for English and math?
  6. How many units do I take to be a full-time student?
  7. How do I get started at Palomar?
  8. What do I do if I am a(n) . . .
  9. When do I register for classes?
  10. How do I register for classes?
  11. What is “crashing” a class?
  12. If I miss the first class meeting, will I be dropped from the class?
  13. How do I drop a class?
  14. Can I get a refund for classes I drop?
  15. How do I pay my fees?
  16. How long do I need to be a resident of California before I qualify for the in-state enrollment fee?
  17. How do I qualify for AB 540 non-resident tuition exemption?
  18. What is the DREAM Act?
  19. How do I request my transcripts to be sent?
  20. Can I take a class for pass/no pass  (aka credit/no credit)?
  21. What do I do if I am failing a class and it is too late to drop?
  22. How many times can I repeat a class?
  23. What is probation or dismissal?
  24. How do I participate in sports/athletics?
  25. How do I apply to graduate?
  26. I still have questions.  What do I do?

Frequently Used Forms

For more forms and petitions, go to the Admissions Forms page or Evaluations page or Records page.

Last modified on August 25, 2016