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Counseling Department

Counseling Services Division

FAQs and Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can attend Palomar College?
  2. What is an education plan?
  3. Do I need an appointment to see a counselor?
  4. When do I see a counselor?
  5. Can I re-take my assessment for English and math?
  6. How many units do I take to be a full-time student?
  7. How do I get started at Palomar?
  8. What do I do if I am a(n) . . .
  9. When do I register for classes?
  10. How do I register for classes?
  11. What is “crashing” a class?
  12. If I miss the first class meeting, will I be dropped from the class?
  13. How do I drop a class?
  14. Can I get a refund for classes I drop?
  15. How do I pay my fees?
  16. How long do I need to be a resident of California before I qualify for the in-state enrollment fee?
  17. How do I qualify for AB 540 non-resident tuition exemption?
  18. What is the DREAM Act?
  19. How do I request my transcripts to be sent?
  20. Can I take a class for pass/no pass  (aka credit/no credit)?
  21. What do I do if I am failing a class and it is too late to drop?
  22. How many times can I repeat a class?
  23. What is probation or dismissal?
  24. How do I participate in sports/athletics?
  25. How do I apply to graduate?
  26. I still have questions.  What do I do?

Frequently Used Forms

For more forms and petitions, go to the Admissions Forms page or Evaluations page or Records page.

Last modified on July 23, 2019

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Here are some quick tips on how to apply to Palomar College.

Want to meet with a counselor from home or from work? Ask for an online appointment!Zoom

Learn about crashing classes. Use the Open Class Search tool to look for available courses.

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