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Counseling Department

Counseling Services Division

Academic Probation, Progress Probation, and Dismissal

If you have been placed on probation, read about your next steps below. For probation policies, click on probation dismissal level.

Probation 1

No action required at this time.  You are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor for advisement and to take advantage of all available college resources.

Probation 2

You are required to attend a Success Workshop. An enrollment hold will be placed on your record until you have fulfilled this requirement.  Follow directions below:

Success Workshop In-Person

  1. Make an appointment online for an in-person Success Workshop.  All appointments will be held in SSC-1 (Governing Board room on the main campus) unless indicated otherwise.
  2. Bring your letter of academic standing to the workshop for verification of status (Probation 1, 2, or Dismissal).
  3. Be on time to the workshop!  If you are late to the workshop, you will need to reschedule your appointment. Children are not allowed in the probation workshops.
  4. Holds will be released within 48 hours of completion of the workshop.

Success Workshop Online

  1. Enter the Success Workshop online.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, and student ID.
  3. Holds will be release within 48 hours of successful completion of the workshop.

Probation 1 or 2 Continued 

No action required.  While you have successfully completed your coursework, your overall record remains below standards.


You are required to sit-out for one semester (fall semester) before petitioning to re-enroll. Petitions for Reinstatement are available in the Evaluations Office, and may be submitted following your semester absence.  Holds will be released beginning in November.

Follow directions below:

  1. Sit-out (do not enroll in classes) for one semester (fall or spring) at Palomar College. Summers are not included as a term to sit-out.  You may attend summer, but you are strongly urged to meet with a counselor for advisement.
  2. Obtain a “Petition for Reinstatement” form from the Evaluations Office (SSC-40) during the semester you sit-out.  Fill out the petition and submit it to the Evaluations Office.
  3. Holds will be released in November prior to Spring re-enrollment (reinstatement).  To view classes that are open now, look for the “Open Classes” link on the homepage.  You may need to crash your courses for the semester.


Last modified on August 20, 2019