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Update: April 4, 2020

We made it through the first week of remote learning and working.  It is inspiring to see how Palomar College, nearly 73 years young, remains strictly focused on the success of our students.  Our faculty have worked an endless number of hours to prepare their courses for remote delivery.  The entire College is adjusting to remote work environments and delivering high quality work.  There is not doubt we are in this together and the better we will become because of it.  Through our remote learning formats and social media we enjoyed seeing so many smiling faces this week.

The Chancellor’s Office has been providing great insight and support while we remain focused on student success.  In response, we have updated our policy on course withdrawals and grading policies.  It is important for students to consult with an academic counselor before making any decisions regarding a change to their current status.  Often times, there are financial aid implications that need to be addressed.  We are moving toward finalizing a process to refund enrollment fees, to respond to students who determine that they are unable to continue taking their course(s).  We appreciate your patience as this process will be communicated within the next two weeks.   Finally, we are committed to a partial refund of parking fees.  Refunds will be automated, credited to the student’s account and issued in the form in which the fee was collected (i.e. check, ACH).

Throughout these last few weeks, there were many incredible initiatives underway.  Every single effort is an example of how Palomar Makes It Possible.  Please check out the latest edition of Palomar News to read these wonderful stories.

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