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COVID-19 Mitigation and Management

Mitigating the Spread Of COVID-19

  • Campus entry and building entry signage notifies employees, students, and visitors of requirement of the following to enter campus to be:
    • Symptom free,
    • Wearing a facial covering
    • In possession of a campus pass
  • Campus entry signage notifies all students, employees, and visitors of the requirement to wear a facial covering indoors, regardless of vaccination status
  • District is requiring employees and students to use a health pre-screening questionnaire accessible via the personal link provided in a email sent to their Palomar College email.  Community members, students and employees may access the health pre-screening questionnaire at kiosks located at:
    • the main campus inside the Police Department lobby, cashier’s office, main area of student services
    • the main lobby of the Rancho Bernardo Education Center
    • the main lobby of the Escondido Education Center
    • the student services center (building A) at the Fallbrook Education Center
  • Students and employees may be asked to show proof of a campus pass from the Cleared4 health questionnaire.
  • Employees, students and visitors who become ill while on campus are requested to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire. The COVID-19 Response Action Team will manage all cases (see below).
  • The class schedule has been designed to prevent gatherings in hallways and common areas.
  • Every classroom scheduled for in-person learning has a supply of disposable facial coverings.
  • Every department has a supply of disposable facial coverings.
  • Every employee in need of a facial covering can request a reusable facial covering by submitting a facilities request.
  • All work schedules are staggered to avoid over populating work spaces of those needed to provide essential services to students and campus operations.
  • Social distancing signage has been installed in high traffic areas indoors and outdoors (i.e. student services center)
  • “Please use hand sanitizer” signage is placed throughout the campus and hand sanitizer is available.
  • The facilities department has remedied concerns related to the HVAC systems on the main campus and education centers. You can find an update here.
  • Employees should submit their proof of vaccination to
  • A working document containing the hours of operation for all departments on campus can be found here.

Management of COVID-19 Cases

  • The District Administrators designed a COVID-19 Response Action Team (CRAT) in summer 2020 to manage COVID-19 cases on the main campus and education centers. To date, there have been no outbreaks within the District.
  • Our Health Services team attends regularly scheduled meetings with the San Diego County Department of Public Health and other institutions of higher education in the region. Data shared and guidance informs recommendations by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)and CRAT.
  • CRAT Protocol
    • Every COVID-19 case received through the COVID-19 questionnaire is triaged and every individual is interviewed by our health services team.
    • If a positive COVID-19 case is reported, the CRAT utilizes a communication system that includes email and telephone notifications of parties who may have been exposed and contacts facilities to request a disinfection of the area(s).
    • Every case received is assigned a case manager who stays in contact with the individual until they return to work or school, to make sure the resources available are known to the student or employee.
    • If there are three or more high risk cases (positive for COVID-19 or exposure to a positive COVID-19 individual), the Policy committee of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) calls an emergency meeting to evaluate the need to pause or discontinue a course, program or service.

Palomar College Return to Campus Plan Update

Status as of June 15

  • As of June 15, the stay-at-home order in California ends and new guidelines on physical distancing, facial coverings, and capacity limitations for businesses begin.
  • On June 17, Cal-OSHA is scheduled to approve guidance for employers.  Once this guidance is published, the College will issue an update to employees and students.
  • On July 6, the Governing Board will conduct a second reading of recommended revisions to BP/AP 5210 Communicable Disease (students) and BP/AP 7330 Communicable Disease (employees) to give the District the ability to create a Vaccination and Immunization Plan in the event of an epidemic or pandemic.
  • The collective bargaining negotiation process to discuss the impacts of BP/AP 5210 and BP/AP 7330 on working conditions, including legal exemptions from a vaccine mandate, are underway.
  • Our facilities department partnered with an engineering firm to do an analysis of air quality and HVAC systems in all campus and education center buildings. All required repairs and upgrades will be complete by the end of summer.
  • Every department was asked to submit Summer 2021 and/or Fall 2021 Return to Work plans to our Emergency Operations Center.
  • On June 4, the Emergency Operations Center and Policy Team reviewed and finalized all of the plans received to date.
  • Our technology team is installing required audio visual equipment in conference rooms and in some classrooms for continued ZOOM usage.
  • We will continue to ensure access to vaccines for students and employees.
  • We will determine the most efficient and effective approach to COVID-19 testing on campus.
  • We are in the process of determining the most efficient and effective approach to collecting the appropriate data on vaccinations while abiding by HIPAA requirements.
  • We will modify the campus Return to Campus plan as relevant guidance is gained from federal, state and regional public health agencies.

Please visit this page frequently as updates to our plan are made available regularly.

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