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Palomar College Learning For Success

Author: Julie Lanthier Bandy

Parking Update

We hope this post finds you safe and well.  We are continuing to review our standard operating procedures and making modifications as necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  On-campus parking is one area we have examined.

For the summer session, parking will be free to all students who are required to visit the main campus or one of the Palomar College Education Centers.

As we announced at the beginning of the month, our fall semester courses will be offered mostly online.  However, we are working with our faculty and staff to identify courses that may be offered in a face-to-face format.  If you are required to visit the main campus or one of the education centers during the fall semester, we offer the following options for parking:

  1. You may purchase a full-semester parking permit for $46 through our digital parking permit system by logging into your MyPalomar Account.
  2. If you need daily or hourly parking, you can use our ParkMobile app while at the main campus and Escondido, Rancho Bernardo and Fallbrook Education Centers. The hourly rate is $1.00 and the daily permit is $5.00.  You can download the ParkMobile app through your preferred app store.  Once you download the app, you will need to use the appropriate zone number to purchase your parking permit.
    • 7510 San Marcos Campus
    • 7511 Escondido Education Center
    • 7512 Fallbrook Education Center
    • 7513 Rancho Bernardo Education Center
    • 7514 San Marcos Campus Visitor Meters (lots 1, 2 & 3)
  1. At the San Marcos campus and Escondido Education Center, we also have parking permit dispensers that require cash or a credit card.
  2. Coin meters are also available in Lots 1 and 2 at the San Marcos campus.

We are really looking forward to supporting your success this summer and fall semester.  Don’t forget we have a Quick Guide to Student Resources should you need assistance during this unprecedented time.  You may also find additional information in our Student FAQs section of our website.

Stay well!

Virtual Commencement set for June 19, 2020

It is official!  The virtual commencement celebration is date and time certain for June 19, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.   Join us in celebrating our 2020 graduates and all of their incredible achievements.  Candidates for graduation should check their Palomar student email for all of the details.

In keeping with our traditional ceremony as much as possible, our acting Superintendent/President Dr. Kahn will kick-off the program, the valedictorian will be honored, and the names of every candidate for graduation who responds to our request to join the celebration will be included in the Presentation of the Class of 2020.

We are honored to announce Dr. Leanne Maunu, Professor of English, as our commencement speaker.  Associated Student Government President and Student Trustee, Linus Smith, will be our student commencement speaker.

Our Emmy Award-winning Palomar College TV is producing the 2020 Commencement Ceremony and we are confident you won’t be disappointed.  At 5:00p.m. on June 19, we will post a link to the virtual celebration on our website and social media channels.   We can’t wait to join our students, their families and friends, and our faculty, staff and administrators in celebrating student success!

Candidates for graduation who wish to participate in the 2020 Virtual Commencement, click here.  Watch for posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all the details!  Questions?  Visit the Commencement page on

Stay safe!  Stay well!



Majority of Fall Semester Courses Will be Online

The rapid pace of change in the status of COVID-19, which interrupted our Spring 2020 instructional plan is now impacting our plan for Fall 2020. It seems each day the data is showing promising results from the Stay at Home Order, though much remains uncertain.

Given the unpredictable nature of this pandemic and the dire warnings about a re-emergence of the virus in the future despite its currently improving status, we have decided to move forward with a schedule for Fall 2020 that will be mostly online.

What will the Fall 2020 schedule look like?
1. All lectures will be online. Some will be offered on specific days at certain times, while others will allow you a more flexible schedule.
2. Some labs will be offered online, while others may require you to come to campus. Information will be made available to you by email, on our website, and on social media before the start of Fall 2020 registration, which begins on June 4, 2020.

Our faculty, staff, and administration will be working hard over the next few weeks to make sure that we are able to bring you a comprehensive Fall 2020 schedule, that is as clear as possible for you. We plan to have a finalized Fall 2020 course schedule ready by the last week in May. We are committed to providing you with the most up to date information by May 28, 2020. We are looking forward to a stellar fall semester and supporting your success in every possible way.

Lastly, please know that there is always the chance that our plan for Fall 2020 will be interrupted by a change in the COVID-19 crisis and/or a government-issued mandate. As we have continually stated, the health and safety of you and our faculty and staff will always remain our top priority.

Stay well!

Special Announcement: Virtual Commencement Celebration is in Planning Stages

For the first time in Palomar College’s 74-year history, commencement will be presented online in a ceremony tentatively scheduled for mid-June and produced in partnership with the Student Life and Leadership Department and the institution’s award-winning Palomar College Television (PCTV).

We previously announced that commencement would not be held due to the COVID-19 social distancing measures.  Our decision for a virtual event is centered on celebrating student success in every way possible.  We know the time and dedication it takes for our students to complete their degree or certificate and we won’t let COVID-19 stop us from celebrating.   We are hard at work at defining the virtual event.

We will alert all qualified graduates via their Palomar email of the details as soon as possible.  For now, students should begin thinking about what photo they want included in the ceremony and who to invite to their commencement watch party!  Stay safe!  Stay well!

Palomar Responds to Need for Trained Public Safety Personnel

Responding to guidance from state officials directing crucial first-responder training programs to continue, the Palomar College Police and Fire Academies, and Paramedic Training and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) programs will recommence face-to-face instruction beginning May 4.  In doing so, the College will follow all protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and county health officials to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and will continue to strictly limit nonessential personnel at the main campus and Escondido Education Center.

Recent guidance from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office stated, “We strongly recommend that colleges work to sustain courses that directly support the essential infrastructure sectors, especially healthcare and first responders.”   Similarly, under Executive Order N-33-20, California Governor Gavin Newsom highlighted the importance of “workers and instructors supporting academies and training facilities and courses for the purpose of graduating students and cadets.”

The State Fire Marshal and the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)—the accrediting agencies for Palomar’s fire and police programs—have affirmed the college’s plans to continue face-to-face instruction.  The California Emergency Medical Authority recently issued several revised policy changes that approve the use of fidelity simulation, scenarios, and other innovative educational environments as substitutes for the clinical and field internship training for paramedic and EMT training programs. This will allow the two programs to complete their training-in-progress this spring and summer.

The decision to reopen these programs was made with great consideration for the state of emergency we currently face, and the ongoing need for front-line public safety personnel.  Before recommencing training, we have ensured that we will be able to follow all recommendations to provide a medically safe environment for our students, faculty and staff.

Palomar’s Police Academy suspended operations on March 19, with the current class in its third week of training. The trainees will resume classroom instruction on May 4, and will meet for two weeks at the Palomar College Police Department building on the main campus, with three additional dates when cadets will be on campus for defensive tactical training. Thereafter, the academy will resume at its usual location off Santar Place.

Starting May 4, each EMT student will complete 10 high fidelity simulations in lieu of 24 hours of clinical patient contacts. On June 1, students in the Paramedic training program will resume completion of lab hours, including the use of simulation equipment. Both programs will be taught at the Escondido Education Center.

The Palomar College Fire Academy is currently providing coursework in a remote format; starting May 18, the program will resume face-to-face instruction at the public safety training center off Santar Place in San Marcos.

Students, instructors and staff will be asked to sign affidavits of willful participation when the academy recommences, and participants will have the ability to opt out and restart their training in 2021, per POST regulations.

Update on Refund of Fees

It has been three weeks since we started the second half of the spring semester and we know that all of our faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to create engaging online classrooms.   We also realize that the remote delivery of coursework may not be ideal for all of our students.  We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a myriad of unexpected changes and the priorities of our students maybe shifting as necessary.  In result, beginning April 22, refunds will be issued if students have chosen to drop any of their courses.

To receive a refund, students do not need to take any specific actions.  The following types of fees will be automatically refunded: enrollment ($46 per unit); non-resident tuition ($265 per unit); non-resident capital outlay fee ($5 per unit). The unused portion of material fees will be refunded as well, and the amounts are currently being evaluated on a course by course basis.  If fees were paid via cash, check, ACH, or through the payment plan, a check will be issued to the student.  Checks will be sent out each Friday to the mailing address we have on file. If fees were paid by credit card, the refund will be credited to the credit card used at the time.

In addition, students who purchased a parking permit will receive a 50% refund.  Checks will be issued for parking permit refunds and sent to the mailing address we have on file.  Please know, due to transaction processing timelines, it may take up to two weeks for the credit to be applied to credit card accounts or for a check to be received.

Summer Session Will Be Delivered In Remote Format

We are so proud of the work our students, faculty and students are doing to move from face-to-face instruction to fully remote coursework.  It has been no small undertaking by everyone involved!

It is hard to believe that summer is right around the corner.  Like many colleges and universities, Palomar College will still be in remote instruction mode through Summer 2020.  Check out our summer class schedule! Registration begins in less than two weeks on April 27.   As we look forward to the fall semester, we will continue to rely on guidance from our Governor, the state Chancellor’s Office and the County of San Diego Health Department.

On a separate note, our team is working on the final technological processes required to issue 50% refunds for parking permits purchased for the current semester.  We will not collect parking fees for the summer session.  Students who have chosen to withdrawal from a class will be issued refunds for the associated enrollment and applicable material fees.   We are aiming to complete the programming of these processes in the early part of next week.

Stay safe and stay well!

Update: April 4, 2020

We made it through the first week of remote learning and working.  It is inspiring to see how Palomar College, nearly 73 years young, remains strictly focused on the success of our students.  Our faculty have worked an endless number of hours to prepare their courses for remote delivery.  The entire College is adjusting to remote work environments and delivering high quality work.  There is not doubt we are in this together and the better we will become because of it.  Through our remote learning formats and social media we enjoyed seeing so many smiling faces this week.

The Chancellor’s Office has been providing great insight and support while we remain focused on student success.  In response, we have updated our policy on course withdrawals and grading policies.  It is important for students to consult with an academic counselor before making any decisions regarding a change to their current status.  Often times, there are financial aid implications that need to be addressed.  We are moving toward finalizing a process to refund enrollment fees, to respond to students who determine that they are unable to continue taking their course(s).  We appreciate your patience as this process will be communicated within the next two weeks.   Finally, we are committed to a partial refund of parking fees.  Refunds will be automated, credited to the student’s account and issued in the form in which the fee was collected (i.e. check, ACH).

Throughout these last few weeks, there were many incredible initiatives underway.  Every single effort is an example of how Palomar Makes It Possible.  Please check out the latest edition of Palomar News to read these wonderful stories.

Update: March 26, 2020 at 6:15 p.m.

Classes resume on Monday, March 30 – All courses delivered remotely.

(Updated March 29, 2020 at 6:15 p.m.)

Welcome back to the spring semester!  So much has changed for all of use in such a small amount of time.  There is no doubt we are all dealing with a little stress, maybe some fear and likely anxiety as we move forward in this new “stay at home” environment.  We can’t diminish our feelings without recognizing them and together we will find ways to continue to pursue our dreams and focus on the good around us.

At Palomar College there continues to be so much incredible work, time, and dedication focused on student success.  Hundreds of faculty have been working tirelessly to prepare their courses for remote delivery.  Staff have been working diligently to adjust to their new remote work environments and determining the best ways to continue to serve students.  Leading us to this day, there have been remarkable collaborative meetings, conversations and activities.

Together Palomar Makes It Possible!

Because we all have so much on our minds, it is always a good idea to re-state some reminders.  First and foremost, students should check their email for messages from instructor(s) on how to engage remotely with their course(s).

  • All spring semester classes begin MONDAY, March 30, 2020.
  • Students who took an 8-week class at the beginning of the semester, will start to continue the last week of their course MONDAY, MARCH 30!
  • 4-week courses are also finishing up starting MONDAY, MARCH 30.
  • The 8-week classes that were scheduled to begin Monday, March 30, now begin on Monday, April 6, will be taught for 7-weeks and end on May 23.
  • The final 4-week course offerings scheduled to start on April 27 will begin as originally scheduled and end on May 23.

Students who have specific questions regarding courses, should please try to contact their instructor or department chairperson.

There is a ton of information in our Student FAQs and in our Quick Guide to Student Services.  The Palomar Foundation continues to support the technology needs of students.  Students who are in need of a computer, textbooks, or emergency funds, should complete the Foundation application for assistance found here.

We are very proud of our TeachAnywhere website where faculty can find best practices for remote learning and teaching, and tips for success.  Training for faculty is continuous and a schedule is available in the Professional Development portal.

Last but not least, an update regarding an amended course withdrawal policy will be delivered via email to all emails later today.

Report COVID-19 Case. For Palomar College use only.

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