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Cyber Education Scholarship

For students considering pursuing computer science or cybersecurity careers: A workshop on the new $2 million scholarship programs and key questions on cyber education sponsored by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation

Date and time: January 14, 2021 (3:30 PM Eastern)

The workshop will answers four questions commonly asked by high school students:

· What do I need to learn to get a good job in cybersecurity?

· Is there a way to find out if I have the aptitude to do well?

· Are there scholarships available?

· Where should I apply to college if I want to maximize my chances of getting a good job?


Video Game Developer (CP)

The Video Game Developer certificate program introduces students to the video game industry, video game design and programming.

Program Requirements

Course Units Offered Pre-Req
CSCI 160 Overview of the Video Game Industry 4 Fall None
CSCI 161 Video Game Design 4 Spring None
CSCI 260 Video Game Programming I 3 Spring CSCI 222
CSCI 261 Video Game Programming II 3 CSCI 222