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Cybersecurity degree

A.S. Cybersecurity Degree

This program prepares students for a career in cybersecurity as a Cybersecurity Analyst. The program emphasizes competency in computer, network and application security for ensuring the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of enterprise computing and information systems infrastructure. Students will develop skills in risk and vulnerability management as well as learn competencies in cyber defense and penetration testing strategies.


Program Requirements Units

CSNT 110 Hardware and O.S. Fundamentals 4
CSNT 111 Networking Fundamentals 3
CSNT 181 Hacker Prevention/Security 3
CSCI 130 Linux Fundamentals 3
CSIT 125 Computer Information Systems 3
CSIT 175 Python Programming 3
CSNT 250 Cyber Defense and Analysis 3
CSNT 255 Ethical Hacker Principles 3
CSNT 280 Computer Forensics Fundamentals 3


Guided Pathways Schedule
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