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Information Technology (AS, CA)


Information Technology

This program prepares students for employment in information systems applica­tions development in business and industry. The focus is on developing skills in programming languages, Internet, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics, word processing, and database design. See a counselor for additional university transfer requirements in this major.


Program Requirements

Course Units Offered Pre-Req
CSIT 105 Computer Concepts and Applications 3 Fall, Spring, Summer None
CSIT 125 Computer Information Systems 3 Fall, Spring, Summer None
CSIT 150 Introduction to SQL 3 Fall, Spring None
CSIT 180 C# Programming I 3 Fall, Spring None
CSIT 280 C# Programming II 3 Spring CSIT 180
CSWB 110 Web Site Development with HTML5/CSS3 3 Fall, Spring, Summer None
CSWB 120 JavaScript and jQuery 3 Fall CSWB 110 or equivalent
( CSWB 150 PHP with MySQL 3 Spring CSWB 110 or equivalent
CSIT 175 Python Programming ) 3 Fall, Spring None
CSIT 170 Visual Basic I 3 (Contact Department) None
Electives (Choose 1)
CSWB 135 Advanced JavaScript and Mobile Apps 3 [ No Longer Offered ] CSWB 120
CSNT 111 Networking Fundamentals 3 Fall, Spring, Summer None

 Total Units: 30