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A Student Guide to Using Information Ethically & Accurately

About Dashboard

What is the Information LiteracyDashboard?

The Information Literacy (IL) Dashboard is a set of self-paced, online learning modules designed to help students use information ethically and accurately within a paper or project.   The IL Dashboard was significantly enhanced during summer of 2017 and is now a course in Canvas.  Palomar students and faculty may use this link to self-enroll in the IL Dashboard course for FREE.

Each module takes approximately 20 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on a student’s experience incorporating outside sources into a paper or project.  The modules include videos, interactive lessons, and a final module quiz.  Students receive immediate feedback on both the interactive lessons and quizzes.  If a student is not satisfied with the results, she/he may complete the modules again.

Who Created Dashboard?

After reviewing the results of a college-wide assessment of learning, Palomar faculty requested a tool for helping students to improve their information literacy skills. The Palomar Learning Outcomes Council sought and received grant funding to develop the Dashboard.  The IL Dashboard continues to be updated and improved by the IL Dashboard development team –