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Palomar College Learning For Success

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Building an Antiracist Culture at Palomar College

Palomar Call to Action

Palomar College has adopted an action plan to support our African-American/Black community and to further Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the District. These action items were developed collaboratively with Palomar students, staff, and faculty and with input from our Umoja Scholars. We are committed to these measurable Call to Action and will work diligently to implement them as we develop a culture of Antiracism at Palomar.

Progress Dashboard

The information provided below shows the annual progress Palomar College is making on the goal of building an antiracist framework.  This work is collaborative and involves staff, faculty and students with the ultimate goal of furthering Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the District.

Racial Equity for Police Reform
Space for African American/Black Students
Hiring of Black/African Americans
Hiring Diverse Faculty
Audit Classroom Climate
Professional Development Training
African American/Black Employee Protections
Get Out the Vote
African American/Black Graduation
EDI Action Group

Equity Teaching Practices & Resources at Palomar College

Senate President Rocco Versaci shared the following about the hard work of Alex Doyle Bauer and Hossna Sadat Ahadi, as well as the many contributions from our faculty, the “Equity Teaching Practices & Resources” page is now up and running. It is a collection of teaching assignments, presentations, readings, resources, and recommended media that support an equity framework. Please click HERE to take a look. This page is very much an evolving work, and I would like to invite faculty members who have relevant teaching materials to submit them for inclusion on this page. There is a tab marked “Equity Teaching Submissions”; just click on that and follow the directions to submit.

ESL Department joins the Palomar community in a statement of solidarity.

The ESL Department at Palomar College supports and stands in solidarity with our BILPOC (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color) students and colleagues and Palomar College’s Call to Action, as well as contemporary movements fighting systemic racism, discrimination, and injustice.

In the ESL Department at Palomar, our students, teachers, and staff come from all parts of the world including the US and have had their own diverse experiences with injustice, whether racial, religious, political, class, gender, sexual-preference, accent, or language based. As a department, we seek to celebrate diversity and promote equity and inclusion through intercultural exchange and respect, creating an environment in which all our students and colleagues who face or have faced discrimination feel welcome, valued, and safe.

Our individual and collective work towards the goal of antiracism includes developing, sharing, and incorporating antiracist practices and frameworks into our courses through culturally responsive and relevant texts, materials, assignments, and tasks in order to give voice to our diverse students’ perspectives and experiences. We also commit to embedding antiracist practices into our institutional and departmental support services and practices.

We continue to strive to combat systemic racism and prevent marginalization, oppression, and injustice by actively reflecting upon, acknowledging, and addressing our own biases and engaging in continued equity work in our classrooms, our college, our communities, and our world.

ESL Department Statement of Solidarity College ESL Department November 2020

Palomar College Pride Center expresses solidarity with BLM

Pride Center Solidarity Statement with BLM

“In a racist society, it is not enough not to be racist. It is necessary to be anti-racist.” – Angela Davis

Palomar College’s Pride Center has been a source of support and community for marginalized people since its inception in 2010. The Center was born out of a community need to address bigotry and to work towards a safer, more accepting campus here at Palomar. We dedicate ourselves not only to empowering LGBTQ+ students and faculty but to better understanding our own privileges and forming solidarity with our queer and non-queer BIPOC community.

We recognize that even in our differences, queer issues cannot be separated from those of the Black Lives Matter movement. We mourn the loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Trayvon Martin and equally so that of Tony McDade, Bree Black, Draya McCarty, and countless other queer, black, and brown people lost to violence. This issue is intersectional and is personal to us.

Even as we recognize external examples of racism, transphobia, and homophobic violence, we also want to commit to constantly bettering ourselves and our Pride Center. Black Lives Matter is not just about stopping the violence, but empowering the community, so that our students can live and live well. As we continue to educate ourselves and advocate for you, we hope our faculty and students will come to us both for resources and with ways we can better serve you.

Black Lives Matter.

PC Pride Center

Palomar College Library provides resources for Undocumented Students

The Palomar College Library has created the Undocumented Student Library guide
page online. Students, staff, faculty, leaders, and community members at Palomar College can access virtual resources on this page related to Undocumented Students. Please contact Natalie Lopez at and Leslie Salas at to request additional resources to be uploaded.

Palomar College Library provides resources for LGBTQIA+ community.

The Palomar College Library has created the pride guide page online in partnership with the Pride Center on campus. Students, staff, faculty, leaders, and community members at Palomar College can access virtual resources on this page related to LGBTQIA+ community. If anyone would like to share resources to be uploaded onto the page, we recommend they contact: Natalie Lopez at and Abbie Cory at