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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Building an Antiracist Culture at Palomar College

Author: Jack Kahn

Palomar College Joins USC Equity Alliance

 Palomar College is very excited about  this opportunity.  Being a part of this alliance will mean a sustained year-long professional development program.  Each month we will get to send 5 people to the monthly e-convening where they will spend 3 hours in a deep dive of the content and the final hour will be spent learning how to teach the content to our campus.  

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Required Antiracist Question(s) For Administrators and Staff & Next Steps

The administrators and classified staff have adopted a policy to require all interviews for admin and staff to require an antiracist question pre-interview to assess new applicants dedication to antiracism.  In addition, administrators have met over the summer to create a draft plan to share with the Strategic Planning council to agree upon a shared goal, barriers, and action steps to remove those barriers.  … Read the rest “Required Antiracist Question(s) For Administrators and Staff & Next Steps”

Prop-M Proposal Includes Recommendation for Student Spaces

This summer Dr Kahn presented a Prop-M proposal to the board for a Guided Pathways success project that would include a Welcome Center & Retention center.  The Retention center is described as a place where student organizations could find a permanent home (Umoja, Puente, Undocumented student space etc).  … Read the rest “Prop-M Proposal Includes Recommendation for Student Spaces”

PCTV to Document Antiracist Actions at Palomar College

PCTV Antiracist Video Project

As we continue to build an antiracist culture at Palomar College, we want to capture the incredible work, impactful testimonials, and active collaboration that is going on all over our College.  To do so, our award winning PCTV crew will be producing a documentary on our progress, challenges, and achievements.… Read the rest “PCTV to Document Antiracist Actions at Palomar College”