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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Building an Antiracist Culture at Palomar College

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Posters for Inclusion Project

MATCH in collaboration with the counseling department has created the ‘Student Edification Project’. You will soon see in many classrooms’ posters that validate, engage, and give students a sense of belonging to succeed in our classes. We want to encourage students to persevere in our classes, and by attending to their affective domain we will together edify them so they can gain agency and focus on our class content.  … Read the rest “Posters for Inclusion Project”

White Allies for Antiracism at Palomar College

White Allies for Antiracism at Palomar College

A new  group has formed at  Palomar  College  over the summer to support antiracist  efforts.  This group is open to and inclusive of all employees of Palomar College. This group’s focus is listening, learning, collaborating, and acting in support of BIPOC colleagues at Palomar College.  … Read the rest “White Allies for Antiracism at Palomar College”