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Palomar College Pronoun Project

Our Palomar Pride Center and colleagues have put together a really wonderful pronoun guide to share with campus.

Pronouns are an important part of gender identity and a way for people to show respect for people and their gender. Traditionally male pronouns are he/him/his, traditionally female pronouns are she/her/hers. But there are other options for pronouns that people may prefer when the traditional pronouns don’t feel right. These are known as gender neutral or gender inclusive pronouns. Gender inclusive pronouns can seem awkward or unfamiliar to those who are unused to them. But they offer an opportunity for people to find personal pronouns that fit who they are and feel good to them. Pronoun usage matters. Using people’s correct personal pronouns validates and confirms that you see them and that they are respected. Many people feel that alternative pronouns are silly or wrong, but using correct personal pronouns is a very basic way to prevent someone from feeling invalidated and disrespected.