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Building an Antiracist Culture at Palomar College

Powerful Plenary video kicks off Plenary & Antiracist Action at Palomar College

A powerful video created by faculty, staff and the good folks at PCTV was aired at this year’s fall plenary.  The video documents faculty and staff of color’s expereinces with racism and privilege. The video is courageous, inspirational, and honest and was overwhelmingly lauded by community members.

In a  recent email Trustee Evilsizer was kind enough to share this response from Dr. Daisy Gonzales, Deputy Chancellor in the Chancellors Office, on the video created for and shown at Palomar’s plenary last week. “This is so powerful! I really needed this today Trustee Evilsizer. I see the ripples. Thank you for sharing this and for your work.”   Trustee Evilsizer also commented, “It is a very moving piece clearly showing the experiences of our own employees regarding racism, oppression and discrimination.  Kudos to the creators and participants!”

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