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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Building an Antiracist Culture at Palomar College

Professional Development Training

The objective of this action item is to provide diverse opportunities for faculty, staff and students to learn about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


The information provided below shows the annual progress Palomar College is making on Professional Development Training.  This work is collaborative and involves staff, faculty, and students with the ultimate goal of furthering Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the District.

Professional Development Training

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Professional Development Training

Educators for Antiracism Call to Action #6 Objective: Provide professional development training specifically addressing support for our African American/Black students and promoting antiracism in curriculum and teaching to ensure action is taking place.

Summer 2020 Updates For The Police Academy

Please see the Police Academy Diversity statement for more detail as to work that has been done on these issues through the years .  Summer Updates Include: Palomar College Police Academy has  banned all forms of training on the use of the carotid restraint (choke hold). A decision accepted, received, and supported by executive and... Read more »

PCTV to Document Antiracist Actions at Palomar College

PCTV Antiracist Video Project As we continue to build an antiracist culture at Palomar College, we want to capture the incredible work, impactful testimonials, and active collaboration that is going on all over our College.  To do so, our award winning PCTV crew will be producing a documentary on our progress, challenges, and achievements. First,... Read more »

Decolonizing Syllabi & Institutionalizing at Palomar College

Drs. Hossna Sadat and Luis Guerrero are presenting at this years  plenary on methods to decolonize ones syllabus to make it within the antiracist framework.  They will be working with campus groups this year to determine if this can be an institutionally adopted practice.  More information to come!

Palomar College Joins USC Equity Alliance

 Palomar College is very excited about  this opportunity.  Being a part of this alliance will mean a sustained year-long professional development program.  Each month we will get to send 5 people to the monthly e-convening where they will spend 3 hours in a deep dive of the content and the final hour will be spent... Read more »

White Allies for Antiracism at Palomar College

White Allies for Antiracism at Palomar College A new  group has formed at  Palomar  College  over the summer to support antiracist  efforts.  This group is open to and inclusive of all employees of Palomar College. This group’s focus is listening, learning, collaborating, and acting in support of BIPOC colleagues at Palomar College.  The group’s first... Read more »

Africana Studies for Staff, Faculty, and Admin at Palomar College

We wanted to encourage everyone (faculty, staff, admin) to enroll in the Africana Studies 101 class this fall being offered by Drs Rafiki Jenkins and Martin Japtok.  More information can be  found here.  If you  have trouble enrolling, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help!  

Palomar College Pronoun Project

Our Palomar Pride Center and colleagues have put together a really wonderful pronoun guide to share with campus. Pronouns are an important part of gender identity and a way for people to show respect for people and their gender. Traditionally male pronouns are he/him/his, traditionally female pronouns are she/her/hers. But there are other options for... Read more »

Library Creates New Library Guides

Alexandra Doyle Bauer and Monica Diego at Palomar College created a Black Lives Matter and Asian Pacific Islander resource guide for the library. Thank you for your leadership towards racial equity at Palomar College! The BLM resource guide is here and the API guide can be found here.