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Palomar College Dental Assisting

Registered Dental Assisting Program

Dental Assisting Courses


Required Courses to Apply for the RDA Program

1. DA-50 Introduction to Dental Science and Occupations

2. DA-57 Dental Sciences and Anatomy

DA 50 & DA 57 are offered each fall and spring semester.

3. Complete English requirement (English 50  or English 100* or ESL 103)  with a “C” or better prior to starting the Registered Dental Assisting Program to ensure maximum success in the program.

 Recommended Courses:

Speech 100  Communications OR  Speech 115 Interpersonal Communications is recommended to be taken before applying for the program.

* highly encouraged

The RDA Program begins each Fall Semester.  

         It requires a full-time commitment for the ten-month sequence of classes. 

FALL SEMESTER: DA 60, 65, 70 75 & 82 August 20 2018- December 14, 2018

SPRING INTERSESSION: DA 71 January 7-18, 2019

SPRING SEMESTER: DA 83,  85 & 90 * January 28-May 24, 2019

*Off campus internship in Dental clinics and offices.

Link to Palomar College course catalog – Dental Assisting