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The Program

The Diesel Technology Program at Palomar offers a variety of courses.  There is the Introduction to Diesel Mechanics course which will introduce and build a solid foundation for the remainder of your career. Your education will continue through Drive Lines and Transmissions and Heavy Duty Tune-Up.  you will be ready for the Diesel Engine Rebuilding I and II classes in which you will spend two semesters disassembling and inspecting while learning the finer points of what to look for when deciding to replace or reuse parts.

Once you complete the program, You will be ready to work in a career field that will always be in demand.  Diesel mechanics are employed by thousands of companies across the US and countless more around the world.

Beginning your studies is the first step to a lifelong career in a field that is rewarding and challenging.  Choosing Palomar College is the best place to begin this journey.  With over 2,300 employees and nine different locations all working to help you succeed you can be assured there is always someone to help you reach your educational goals.

With all of the programs and scholarships that are available to the students of Palomar College it is no wonder that the enrollment continues to rise each semester.  Tuition assistance can be found in a number of ways – through the traditional applications found in the financial aid office,  and now for the first time in Palomar College history the Diesel Mechanics Technology Program is offering scholarships from $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 to several students each semester!

Get a head start in Diesel Technology!!!
DMT-105 - Heavy Duty Tune -Up
Class Number: 51003

Mon.-Thurs. 6:00pm- 9:05pm
Date: 6/11/18 to 08/2/18
Enrollment now open! 8 weeks long full semester credit (4 Units)
Summer school enroll now!!!June 11, 2018
The big day is here.
Friday April 06, 2018
D.E.A.M. Course-
Friday April 13, 2018
Sign up before spots are filled up!!! For more info. click of the links above:
HDVIP/PSIP CourseApril 6, 2018
D.E.A.M.April 13, 2018