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DMT-135 Basic Hydraulics

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn basic hydraulic system principles and service.

Topics of study include:

  • hydraulic theory
  • safety requirements
  • hydraulic diagrams and ISO symbols
  • component operation
  • service / repair and troubleshooting
  • test equipment usage

Palomar college will use the MF102D-H-TSE to teach students: hydraulic safety; basic hydraulics; and, advanced troubleshooting. Palomar College is also a certified Bobcat Training Center. Palomar College invests in the most advanced hydrostatic transmission training system on the planet – the brilliant MF500 Palomar College has a partnership with Bobcat to train technicians. This is the second Bobcat training partner that has invested in the MF500. There is no doubt there is a critical shortage of technicians that are competent to service, repair, adjust, and troubleshoot hydrostatic transmissions.

Palomar College and Bobcat are determined to solve the problem!

Rory S. McLaren – Founder, Director, Chief Designer, Author, and Teacher – FPTI™        


Get a head start in Diesel Technology!!!
DMT-105 - Heavy Duty Tune -Up
Class Number: 51003

Mon.-Thurs. 6:00pm- 9:05pm
Date: 6/11/18 to 08/2/18
Enrollment now open! 8 weeks long full semester credit (4 Units)
Summer school enroll now!!!June 11, 2018
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Friday April 06, 2018
D.E.A.M. Course-
Friday April 13, 2018
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HDVIP/PSIP CourseApril 6, 2018
D.E.A.M.April 13, 2018