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Palomar College Learning For Success

David Meske @ Palomar

Assistant Professor

CyberSecurity Degree

This is the proposed A.S. Cybersecurity degree. We are nearing the end of the curriculum approval process and will be making a formal announcement in January 2019 offering the degree program in the 2019/2020 academic year. Below is the Guided Pathways chart for this program though your academic schedule may differ slightly based on your needs.

Semester 1

  • CSNT 110 Computer Hardware and Operating System Fundamentals
  • CSNT 111 Computer Network Fundamentals

Semester 2

  • CSNT 181 Computer Security/Hacker Prevention
  • CSCI 130 Linux Fundamentals

Summer Session

  • CSIT 125 Computer Information Systems

Semester 3

  • CSWB 180 Python Programming
  • CSNT 250 Cyber Defense and Analysis

Semester 4

  • CSNT 255 Ethical Hacker Principles
  • CSNT 280 Computer Forensic Foundations