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Due to covid-19 the ATC is currently closed.

The Access Technology Center (ATC), located on the first floor of the Library, is designed to provide training in the use of assistive technology for Palomar College students with disabilities.  The ATC is also where students, faculty and staff can explore assistive technology, discover technology solutions and receive training and support in the use of assistive technology. Computers in the ATC are equipped with Windows 10 and the latest version of Microsoft Office.

The Access Technology Center offers a variety of hardware and software solutions.


  • Adjustable table (electric)
  • Desktop CCTVs for enlarging printed material
  • Onyx Portable CCTV available for use in classes
  • Large print Keyboards
  • Braille Display (40 cell)
  • Echo SmartPen notetaking technology


  • Text to Speech software: Reading and study skills software that converts printed material to an electronic text format.
    • Kurzweil (available for Windows and Mac)
    • Read & Write Gold (available for Windows and Mac)
    • OpenBook (designed for users who are blind or have low vision)
  • Zoomtext Screen Magnification: software that enlarges the display from 1.25X to 24X and includes speech output.
  • JAWS: Screen Reading software for students who are blind. This software gives the student the opportunity to “hear” everything that happens on the computer while controlling programs to typing papers.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: voice recognition software that allows the student to dictate papers and control the functions of the computer.  This software benefits students with motor disabilities as well as those with writing difficulties.
  • Sonocent Audio Notetaker: recording and notetaking software available for Windows and Mac computers.

Location: LL-101

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