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Disability Resource Center

Counseling Services Division

Military Readiness Education (MRE)

Program Mission

DRC’s Military Readiness Education (MRE) program aims to address the stigma surrounding disability and rehabilitation services and the desire to seek such support within the military community. The MRE program is intended to increase awareness of campus disability services and the potential benefits of utilizing services for military affiliated students. The MRE program believes in empowering the military community in their knowledge of community-based disability related programs, services and benefits they may be eligible for.

*Military affiliated students include the following: active duty, transitioning servicemembers, reservists, veterans, and military family members.

Program Description

DRC’s MRE Program is dedicated to supporting current and perspective military affiliated students with or without service-connected disabilities at Palomar College. The MRE program provides disability, academic, and career counseling military affiliated students who are a part of the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC program is completely confidential and non-clinical. The DRC is an academic program, which provides academic accommodations to qualified students. Eligibility for the program and individual accommodations is determined through documentation, an interactive process, and the functional impacts of disability on learning and/or accessing the college campus.

In addition to the DRC MRE services, the MRE program offers information sessions which cover a variety of disability-related topics. The information sessions are given by diverse veteran service organizations, veteran speakers, and professionals who work with the military community. Majority of the information sessions will be open to current and perspective military affiliated Palomar College students, as well as the greater military community; some events will be student only.

Who may benefit from DRC’s MRE program or information sessions?

  • Active duty military attending Palomar College who are on limited duty
  • Active duty military who are attached to the Wounded Warrior Battalion
  • Transitioning servicemembers separating or retiring from service because of a medical board
  • Transitioning servicemembers applying for a Department of Veterans Affairs Disability Rating (VA Rating)
  • Veterans who have a VA Rating, or who were given a 0% VA disability rating but still have disabilities or injuries
  • Veterans utilizing the Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E/Chapter 31 Benefits)
  • Veterans with disabilities not related to their military service
  • Anyone utilizing the Department of Vocational rehabilitation (DOR) program
  • Anyone who had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan in high school
  • Anyone with any of the following conditions that may impact their learning and access to campus: chronic and/or permanent health condition, mental health condition, chronic pain and/or physical disability, hearing loss/deafness/hard of hearing, vision loss/blind/low vision (not correct with glasses)
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