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Disability Resource Center

Counseling Services Division

Sonocent Audio Notetaker Project

Palomar College is proud to be a part of the Sonocent Audio Notetaker Project through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. This is a joint project between Veteran Resource Centers and Disability Resource Centers at select campuses across the state. The grant provides Veteran students and students with disabilities the opportunity to obtain a full version of the Sonocent Audio Notetaker software free of charge.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is an audio recording software product that allows the user to record classroom lectures on their laptop or use the Sonocent recording app on their cell phone or tablet. The software provides the student the opportunity to fully engage in the class lecture while taking minimal notes. PowerPoint slides, PDF images and/or photos can be imported into the software. New study strategies develop as the student reviews recorded material and types a summary of what is heard into the software. To see additional information about the software please follow the link to the Sonocent website. A trial version of the software can be downloaded at

To become part of the project and receive a full version of the software, contact Sherry Goldsmith ( or Aaron Holmes (