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Disability Resource Center

Counseling Services Division

Exam Accommodations

COVID-19 DRC Testing Accommodations Updates

Exam accommodations are approved and provided on a case-by-case basis to students with documented disabilities. Frequently used exam accommodations include extended time, distraction reduced environment, or use of a computer. It is important that you plan well in advance of your first exam so that you have what you need on the day of the exam.

If access is not possible using existing course resources/technology in the alternative instruction setting, or requires complex exam accommodations the student should contact the Disability Resource Center 3 business days in advanced via phone, email, or online contact form.

Once you have received approval from a DRC counselor follow these simple steps:


  • Request an Authorized Academic Accommodation Letter for each course via MyDRC. Provided online are instructions on how to request accommodation letter(s). *New or Revised Accommodations Letters should be given to your instructor three (3) business days in advanced*
  • Authorized Academic Accommodation Letter(s) will be emailed to your Palomar email.
  • Forward the Accommodation Letter(s) to your Instructor(s).
  • Ask your instructor(s) to review and acknowledge the document via MyDRC or sign and return the letter(s) via email to the DRC at
  • Inform your instructor(s) to apply the accommodations for all quizzes and exams.
  • Review the DRC’s Student Test Accommodation Agreement.


  • Ask your Instructor(s) for clarification and expectations for quiz and/or exam.
  • Talk to your Instructor(s) and use resources/technology available in your course(s).
  • Three (3) business days before your scheduled quiz or exam, kindly remind them that you are a registered DRC student and that you have been approved for accommodations.
  • Before starting your quiz or exam, check if you have received your testing accommodations. Contact your Instructor via their preferred method of communication (ex. email, Canvas, etc) and the DRC if the extended time has not been applied or applied with the incorrect amount of time.
  • DO NOT START THE QUIZ/EXAM if the accommodations have not been applied. Contact your Instructor and the DRC right away informing them your testing accommodations have not been applied to the quiz/exam.
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