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Disability Resource Center

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Disability Resource (DR) Classes

A variety of courses are offered by the DRC. The classes are designed to enable students with disabilities the ability to compensate for educational limitations and/or acquire the skills necessary to complete their educational objectives. The DRC learning experience is provided in classes with fewer students, using specialized teaching/testing techniques including training in assistive technology. An important outcome of these courses is that students with disabilities improve their learning and understanding of themselves as learners, which in turn assists them in making better decisions about their educational, life, and career goals.

English Essentials for Students with Disabilities (DR 15)

This support course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of traditional grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Successful students will learn the conventions of grammar usage, mechanics, and basic writing. This class will provide a supportive learning environment for students with disabilities. Students in this class will have the ability to learn in an individualized and group setting. (3 units)

Adapted Computer Skills (DR 40)

This course is designed for new computer users or those with limited skills. In this course students learn basic word processing skills including formatting a college paper following MLA guidelines. The course includes chapters on Computer literacy (what is a computer and all its parts) and Internet, Email and Safety. Kurzweil is integrated in the class as a reading, editing and study skills tool. (3 units)

Advanced Adapted Computers (DR 41)

Advanced Adapted Computer was originally designed to help students prepare for the fast pace they encounter when taking classes in the Business and CSIS department. The curriculum is based on Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). The course is also useful for students who want expand their knowledge in these applications that are often required for use in other courses. Students in this course have the opportunity to explore the use of Kurzweil, Audio Notetaker and other assistive technologies. (3 units)

Software for Students with Vision Loss (DR 43.1 & DR 43.2)

Provides training for those needing support with JAWS, J-SAY, and Zoomtext and is recommended for students with low vision or who are blind. DR43.1 is offered in the fall and DR43.2 in the spring. Students are not required to take the courses in order. (3 units)

Study Skills with Technology (DR 44)

Study Skills with Technology is offered as a 4 day intersession course twice a year (summer & winter). The intention is to provide students hands-on experiences with the LiveScribe SmartPen, Sonocent Audio notetaker and Kurzweil. At the conclusion of the 4 days students have enough information to decide which tool works best in the courses they are taking. (.5 units)

Adapted Computer Laboratory (DR 45L)

Students can use this course for a number of reasons. Some may want support with their technology while doing work for their general ED classes, others may have specific software they want to learn (such as publisher, photo shop) and are not able to handle the pace of a lecture course. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is also taught through the lab. (1 unit)

Non-Credit Programs

Online registration for this class is found in the non-credit section of the schedule at

  • Noncredit classes are FREE. There is no unit charge for noncredit classes.
  • You will be required to pay a health and parking fee ONLY if your class meets at either the main San Marcos Campus or the Escondido Center

Independent Living Skills (N DSAB 501)

This course provides independent living skills for adult students with acquired brain injury. The curriculum stresses the practical application of basic skills and their use in daily life situations. Certain aspects of the course may be adapted to meet the specific needs of the student population being taught. This class meets at the Palomar College Escondido Center.

Access Technology for Vision Loss (N DSAB 943)

This course is a non-credit course that mirrors the curriculum in DR 43.1 & 43.2. Many students who use JAWS/Zoomtext require more time than 1 semester to learn the technology. This course was written to provide students with the opportunity to repeat the credit course without penalty.

Supervised Tutoring for Access Technology (N BASC 903)

This course provides an open lab a number of times during the week. Students have access to the computers, assistive technology and support from faculty and staff. Students are encouraged to complete 16 hours each semester.

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