Palomar College Learning For Success


How to Become a Dual Enrollment Student

  1. Talk to your high school counselor about available courses.
  2. Apply to Palomar College online. Application instructions are below under Useful Resources for Students.
  3. Complete your Special Admit Form (K-12) with all required signatures.
  4. Complete your Residency paperwork if you are flagged for residency. Email the paperwork to
  5. Submit your Special Admit  Form to your high school point of contact for signature.

Concurrent Enrollment Students

(Students taking a course online or at Palomar without coordination from the high school)

  1. Same steps as above plus the steps below.
  2. Submit your Special Admit Form (K-12) to Palomar College Admissions Office (any location).
  3. Enroll in classes using MyPalomar.

*If you are under the age of 16, then Palomar College Admissions will enroll you in courses. Please have the course and section already selected.
*For information on selecting classes, please see our Planning your Pathway page.


Things to Consider Prior to Taking a College Course


  • Grades become a part of an official college record.
  • If a you fail a class, it could adversely affect financial aid once in college.
  • Not all classes are transferable to all four year universities.
  • College-level content and college faculty expectations may be a difficult adjustment.
  • Dual enrollment students are college students, so parents are not able to speak to professors directly.  The privacy of student educational records is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Useful Resources for Students

There are three parts to the application:

      1. CCC Apply application
      2. Palomar College application
      3. Creating your Palomar password

*Use this form to keep track of your application information.

1) CCC Apply Application
    1. Apply online at step by step instructions
      Click on "Create Account" and you will be redirected to the CCC Apply website.
    2. Once you have completed the CCC Apply application, you will be given your CCCID. Make sure to click "Continue" to go to the Palomar College application.
2) Palomar College Application
    1. Complete the Palomar College Application which is divided into 9 sections:
      1. Enrollment Information (Term, your educational goal and Major)
      2. Account Information (validates your OpenCCC account and to enter your mailing address)
      3. Education (Questions about your high school and previous colleges attended)
      4. Citizenship/Military (Questions about your citizenship status and military information)
      5. Residency (Questions related to your physical presence in California and intent to make it your home)
      6. Needs & Interests (Questions related to other services you might be interested in)
      7. Demographic Information (Questions related to your gender, ethnicity)
      8. Supplemental Questions
      9. Submission (Electronic signature, consent)
    2. You have finished the application once you click on "Sign Out & Finish."
3) Next Step - Creating your Palomar password
    1. Wait for your Palomar ID# to be sent to you in your email.
    2. Once you have your Palomar ID#, then click on MyPalomar, then click on “ID/Password Help” on the login page to create your password. Input your Palomar ID# only, not your SS# when creating your password.

Below are notes on usernames and passwords for systems at Palomar College.

  1. MyPalomar/eServices (student portal):
    Username: 9 digit Student ID number
    Password: set by you and can be reset. Additional instructions for MyPalomar.
  2. Canvas (class information)
    Username: full email address (example:
    Password: Same as password for logging in to eServices/MyPalomar
  3. Palomar College computers/laptops on campus:
    Username: 9 digit Student ID number
    Password: Same as password for logging in to eServices/MyPalomar
  4. Email/Office 365:
    Username: full email address (example:
    Password: Same as password for logging in to eServices/MyPalomar
  5. .GoPrint station:
    Username: 9 digit Student ID number
    Password: Same as password for logging in to eServices/MyPalomar

Here's a link to the presentation for MyPalomar and Canvas.

  • Take a look at this handout for MyPalomar for help on accessing MyPalomar or on changing your password.
  • Take a look at this handout for Canvas for help on accessing Canvas and navigating the different items in Canvas.


Tutoring is available to you in Canvas. Just sign up for the  Online Tutoring "course." Check the Online Tutoring website for a video on how to access tutoring.

Dual enrollment classes at the high school are COLLEGE classes. So, don't underestimate the rigor and pace of your classes. Here are some tips for studying:

  1. Read the book before class. At least skim the chapter.
  2. Attend every lecture.
  3. Take notes in every class.
  4. Review your notes as soon as possible, preferably the first 10 minutes after class.
  5. Read the book again. Look for additional details.
  6. Review your material again.

For more information, see the Study Skills Six Steps.