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Department Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement

To Fight Racism, American Colleges Must Prioritize Teaching History

by Catherine Christensen Gwin, Ph.D.
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Palomar College United: Educators for Antiracism

Open Classes for Fall 2021, Fast Track 2

8 Week Classes (October 18 to December 18)


CourseDurationStartEndInstructorCourse # to AddClass Meeting
Econ 1008 WeeksOctober 18December 18Micelli, Heather A
73686Online, Asynchronous
Econ 1018 WeeksOctober 18December 18Carr, Frederica M71243Online, Asynchronous
Econ 1028 WeeksOctober 18December 18Russell, Susan73685Online, Asynchronous


CourseDurationStartEndInstructorCourse # to AddClass Meeting
History 1018 WeeksOctober 18December 18Veloso, Ramon73684Online, Asynchronous
History 1418 WeeksOctober 18December 18Veloso, Ramon71360Online, Asynchronous

Political Science

CourseDurationStartEndInstructorCourse # to AddClass Meeting
POSC 1028 WeeksOctober 18December 18Castaneda, Gary71887Online, Asynchronous
POSC 1028 WeeksOctober 18December 18Nesbit, Valri71268Online, Asynchronous

Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate in Arts degree requirements

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Dr. Robert Reich (UC Berkeley)
visits Palomar College,
November, 2018.
With Economic Professors
Teresa Laughlin and Barbara Baer.