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Provides lower division preparation for pursuing advanced studies in economics or prepares a complementary base for many professions and areas of interest including business administration, law, engineering, journalism, public administration, and environmental studies. Transfer students should consult the four year college or university catalog for specific requirements or see a Palomar College counselor.

Open Classes for Spring 2022


CourseDurationStartEndInstructor# to AddClass Meeting
Econ 10116 WeeksJanuary 31May 28Rahmani, Farideh30472Online, Asynchronous
Econ 10116 WeeksJanuary 31May 28Rahmani, Farideh30471Online, Asynchronous
Econ 10116 WeeksJanuary 31May 28Smith, Jonathan30474Online, Asynchronous
Econ 10216 WeeksJanuary 31May 28Staff32184Online, Asynchronous

In Person

Classes run January 31 to May 28

ClassLocationDaysTimeInstructor# to Add
Econ 100Main CampusT/Th8:00-9:25 amBaer, Barbara30433
Econ 100Main CampusT/Th9:35-11:00 amBaer, Barbara30434
Econ 101Main CampusM/W8:00-9:25 amBaer, Barbara30435
Econ 101Main CampusT/Th9:35-11:00 amLaughlin, Teresa30470
Econ 102Main CampusM/W9:35-11:00 amSmith, Jonathan30477
Econ 102Main CampusT/Th11:10 am-12:35 pmStaff30480
Econ 115Main CampusT/Th11:10 am-12:35 pmLaughlin, Teresa32949

Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate in Arts degree requirements

Click on the link below to see the degree requirements and class sequence for a degree that covers the transfer requirements  for the CSU and UC colleges

Professors Esteban, Laughlin, and Smith.