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Department Chair/Director

Sarah De Simone, M.A., NREMT-P – Director EME  Ext.- 8152

Click here for a Palomar College article featuring our very own Sarah De Simone!

Full Time EME Faculty

Michael Finton, R.N., C.E.N. – Associate Professor  Ext.- 8154


Skip Clark, Captain (Retired), EMT-P.- Assistant Professor Ext- 8153
Patricia Boyle, NRP- Assistant Professor Ext- 8139
Andy Page,  Captain (Retired), EMT-P. -Assistant Professor  Ext.- 8158

Full Time EME Staff

Kaylee Donaghy – Academic Department Assistant  Ext.- 8150
Ally Do, BS – Career Technical Program Specialist  Ext.- 8151






















Part Time EME Faculty

Our part time faculty members bring years of emergency medical experience into our classrooms. The majority of our part time instructors, including our lead instructors, are currently full-time employees for local Fire Departments. Therefore, students have the unique opportunity to gain knowledge from several  instructors during a single course.  Our curriculum includes the most advanced and up-to-date information available.  Throughout their educational path with Palomar’s EME department, students are trained by our highly professional team of instructors (including a Medical Doctor, Battalion chiefs, Fire Captains, etc.) We strive to bridge the gap between the need for highly trained emergency medical staff and the individuals striving to meet those educational goals.

If you have a specific course question, you may contact an instructor by clicking on their name below. Make sure the question is directly related to the course they teach. Any general questions should be directed to the full time staff members, listed above.

EME 100 Lead Instructors:

Bauer, Jeff, Captain

Mansur, Rusty, ER Supervisor (Retired)

EME 106 Lead Instructors:

Fried, Ray, Batt Chief

Hitchcock, Kevin, Batt Chief (Retired)

Moore, Kari, FF/PM

Ortiz, Rodney, Captain

Pursley, Don, Captain

Wethey, Jack, Batt Chief (retired)

EME 175 Lead Instructor:

Ontiveros, David, FF/PM