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About our EMT-B courses:

The Palomar College EMT courses are approved by the San Diego County EMS Agency for training and CE provider.

What is an EMT-Basic?

An Emergency Medical Technician EMT-B is a trained individual who provides basic life support at the scene of a medical emergency to prevent further injury after the initial incident.  The EMT-B maintains necessary body functions of the victim prior to the arrival of advanced life support units and during transport to the nearest hospital.

What qualifications are necessary to be an EMT-Basic?

You must be in good mental and physical condition and be at least 18 years of age.  Be free of conviction of any felony or misdemeanor offense in California or in any other state or place, include a plea of nolo contendere or no contest and , including any conviction which has been expunged under the Penal Code Section 1203.4.  If you have questions regarding legal issues, please contact the San Diego Emergency Medical Services at (619) 285-6429 for more information.


Education process:

1st Semester

EME-100 EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONDER Is the prerequisite course to the EMT course and is mandatory, unless you have a previous certification of Advanced First Aid or Emergency Medical Response (a 52-hour course).  You are also required to possess current AHA CPR for Healthcare Provider card or ARC CPR for the Professional Rescuer card.

The prerequisites are also obtainable by taking EME-100. This course prepares you to enter the EMT class. You may take this class before your eighteenth birthday and before high school graduation. This 3-unit class is offered each semester, including the summer session. Both day and evening classes are available.


Tuition is $46.00/unit for all credit courses. The cost of books can range from $150 to $180. There is also a one-time materials fee of $45.00 for this course.

2nd Semester 

EME-106 – 106L EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN BASIC Lecture and Lab class. The Emergency Medical Technician Basic program is offered each semester, including the Summer session. This course consists of classroom lecture and skills labs where basic life support skills are learned. This class is also a prerequisite to the Fire Academy. Additional hours are required; 12 hours of Emergency Room Observation and 12 hours of Ambulance Ride-along time during the semester. An 80% grade point average is required to obtain a course completion certificate, which is mandated by the San Diego County Department of Emergency Services before the National Registry EMT-B written and skills practical exam can be taken. Both day and evening classes are offered each semester, including summer. You must be at least 18 years of age by the first day of class to take this course.

TB Test – All students registered in EME 106 and EME 106L must submit results of a current TB test that is less than 1 year old.  Your TB test must be current during the duration of the entire course.  If it expires during the course, you must submit new results before your current TB test expires.

Upon successful completion of this course you will earn an EMT-Basic Course Completion Certificate which allows you to take the National Registry EMT-Basic exam. Upon passing that practical and written portions of this exam, you will be able to earn a state EMT-Basic certificate and be employed in the county.


Tuition is $46.00/unit for all credit courses. The cost of books can range from $90 to $120. There is also a one-time materials fee of $45 for this course and a testing fee of $100 at the end of the course.

NOTE: To participate in the Clinical observation time, you may be required to have a flu shot and/or H1N1 vaccine.   Be warned that if you choose not to have these injections, your required clinical time may be cancelled and therefore you will not successfully complete the EMT course.

EMT Functional Job Analysis