Paramedic Prep

The Paramedic Prep courses are designed to prepare the EMT-Basic for the Palomar College Paramedic Program.

Students may apply to the Paramedic Program before completing this course as long as the course is completed by the time the Paramedic Program begins.

  • This course will reinforce the student’s skills as an EMT-B.
  • Give a preview of the teaching methods used in the Paramedic Program.
  • Prepare you for the simulations required in the Paramedic Program.

The Paramedic Prep course is three units.  The course is two days a week for six weeks.  There will be a also be a $35.00 online AHA fee for the ALS skills you will be learning.

All students registered for this course must have a current San Diego County Protocol book.  These will be available for purchase through the Escondido Cashier.

Please refer to the Palomar College schedule for registration dates and deadlines.

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  1. Hello I plan on taking this course next spring. Is there a work experience requirement needed for this course? I’ve been working full time at AMR as an emt since August

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