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Palomar College Learning For Success


The Palomar College English Department is composed of full- and part-time faculty members with diverse academic interests. We offer a stimulating range of classes that stress reading, writing, creativity, and critical thinking–all skills necessary for personal and professional growth.

While every class reflects the unique, diverse perspective and approach of its teacher and students, there is one constant among them: all of these classes, the ideas that they raise, the questions that they address, and the thoughts that they inspire will stay with you, in a variety of ways, long after the final class has met.

We value critical thinking, and we believe that one of the most important ways to foster this is to read widely and deeply. In an effort to encourage everyone to expand their worlds, we have installed in our office suite on the 3rd floor of the Humanities Building a large and ever-growing English Department Little Free Library. If you’re not familiar with the Little Free Library movement, take a look here (, and stop by (follow the signs) and grab (or leave) a book or two!

And also please take some time to wander through our website and get to know us and what we have to offer.


Department Statement on Unity and Inclusion

In light of various political developments and in response to the uncertainty and fear among students, faculty and staff, the Palomar College English Department Faculty reaffirms our deep and abiding commitment to support, encourage, and assist you, our students, through every stage of your academic journey. We are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for ALL and to provide you with the help and the resources you need to address all of your concerns.  Our message goes out to those who feel targeted by current rhetoric and policies—“Dream Act”/undocumented/mixed-status individuals, immigrants, refugees, people of color, LGBTQIA+ persons, Muslims, women, Jews—and to all those who feel threatened during these uncertain times. Please click on the links below for a campus-wide statement regarding these issues and helpful resources for students.

A Campus of Unity and Inclusion

Faculty Message & Student Resources (pdf)