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Upcoming Courses

Spring 2019

The majority of these classes are open to all; for English 205, the prerequisite is successful completion of English 100.

These courses are transferable to the UC/CSU systems. In addition, the level 200+ literature courses satisfy Area 2 for IGETC and Area C for CSU General Education.

Click on course titles for more information.


English 135/136 (#30437/30439) – Creative Writing (Dr. Rocco Versaci) TTh 10:15am-12:20pm

English 135/136 (#30438/30440) – Creative Writing (Dr. Carlton Smith) M 5:30-9:45pm

English 137 (#32278/32279) – The Literary Magazine: Bravura (Dr. Clare Rolens & Dr. Stacey Trujillo) TTh 2:45-4:50pm

English 205 (#30430) – Introduction to Literature (Dr. Clare Rolens) TTH 9:35-11am

English 205 (#30431) – Introduction to Literature (Dr. Stacey Trujillo) MW 2:20-3:45pm

English 205 (#30432) – Introduction to Literature (Dr. Jennifer Backman) W 6-9:10pm

English 211(#31940) – Survey of British Lit II (Pam McDonough) TTh 9:35-11am

English 221 (#31943) – Survey of World Lit II (Dr. Leanne Maunu) TTh 12:45-2:10pm

English 226 (#31942) – Survey of U.S. Lit II (Dr. Carlton Smith) TTh 11:10-12:35pm

English 250 (#32702) – Introduction to Shakespeare (Dr. Leanne Maunu) MW 9:35-11am

English 255 (#32976) – Literature and Ideas (Dr. Adam Meehan) MW 9:35-11am

English 290 (#33457) – Comic Books as Literature (Dr. Rocco Versaci) TTh 2:45-4:10pm
English 290 Flyer #1         English 290 Flyer #2

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