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Steps for Enrollment – Returning Students

1.Update your application. Click here, to sign in to eServices. If you do not remember your ID or password, click here to retrieve your Student ID and set a new password in the system. If you do not remember the response to your Hint question, visit the Admissions Office with legal picture ID to have your Hint question reset.
Once you sign in to eServices, click on the Student Center tab. Click on the link, “Your application data needs to be updated”. Answer the questions to update your application.
Residency. If you are claiming in-state tuition and you were coded as a non-resident. Please click to complete the Residency Status Change Request Form . Print and submit the completed form to the Admissions Office with the following items:

  • proof of your physical presence in CA dated one year and one day before the start of the term for which you are applying.

  • proof of Intent to make CA your permanent residence. Indicators of Intent are CA driver's license, CA vehicle registration, CA 540 tax return for the previous year. *Other indicators of Intent can be discussed if these items are not available.

  • If you are coded as a foreign student, please submit a Naturalization Certificate, a valid Visa that can establish residency, or a permanent resident card.

  • If you hold an F-1, M-1 or J Visa, please proceed to the International Student web.

Click here for more information about Residency.

If you are a Veteran Student using your GI Bill benefits, please click here for the New Veteran Student Checklist.
2.Apply for Financial Aid. Sign in to eServices and click on the Welcome tab. Click on the Activate Email link to activate a student email account. Financial Aid will only use your student email account to correspond with you.

  • To complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), click on the Student Center tab and scroll down to My Finances and Financial aid area. Click on Apply for FAFSA. Palomar College will receive a report of your eligibility within 7 to 10 days and set a Checklist/To Do List of items that will be necessary for you to submit to complete your file. You will receive an email to your student email account when this Checklist is available for you. The sooner you complete your file, the sooner your file will go to an Advisor to be processed.

  • To complete the BOG (Board of Governor's Fee Waiver) without the FAFSA, sign in to eServices, click on the Student Center tab and scroll down to the Apply for BOG link. It usually takes about 5 days for processing.
3.Orientation & Assessment
Orientation is an overview of instructional programs and support services available to students to help you succeed. Certificate, degree and transfer programs are discussed to assist students with registration. This process, along with assessment and advisement takes approximately 3 hours. Click here for the Online Orientation.

Assessment.The English, Reading and Math placement results are based on the information you provided on the Palomar College application for admission. Results can be viewed on the eServices student portal, at the bottom right corner of the Student Center page.

The Assessment Office may also consider the following documentation for English, Reading and Math placement:
• completed English and/or Math courses at other colleges
• a score of 3 or higher on AP English and/or Math tests
• other college placement test results if taken within the last two years
• test results from SAT, ACT, CAASPP EAP, ELM, and/or EPT taken within the last two years

Please email any documentation, along with your Palomar College ID number to assessment@palomar.edu or fax to 760-591-0482.

The Assessment Office can be reached at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2476 or 2182.
4.Make a Counseling appointment. Call 760-891-7511 to make an appointment to see a counselor to develop an education plan.
5.Create your Schedule and Register in Classes. At your online registration appointment day and time, sign in to eServices and enroll or register in classes. Click here for eServices instructions on adding or dropping classes.
6.Pay for your Classes. Your enrollment fees are due when you register in classes. Depending on when you enroll in classes, you may be dropped within 10 days of your registration if fees are not paid. Drops for non-payment stop in the week before classes begin. If your fees remain unpaid when classes begin, you will be allowed to attend classes but you will not be able to obtain a transcript of your grades or register in future terms until the balance is paid in full. Click here to see a schedule of tuition and fees.
Dates and Deadlines: Please be aware of the dates and deadlines for the semester that you are attending. Click here to see the Calendar page for important dates and deadlines. Deadlines for your specific classes are noted in eServices. Look for the Deadlines icon next to each class in your schedule on the Student Center tab.
7.Purchase your Textbooks. See the eServices instructions here to access a list of the books required of the classes on your schedule.
8.Seek additional support sources.
Last modified on May 20, 2015