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ONCE WAIT LISTED, do not try to enroll in the same section or re-wait list. It could result in losing your place on the original wait list.

The eServices system provides the opportunity for students to place themselves on a wait list for closed classes. eServices uses an auto-enroll system. Auto-enroll will automatically enroll wait-listed students based on their position number when a seat becomes available. Auto-enroll occurs regularly throughout the registration period prior to the beginning of a semester.

Palomar will notify students via email if they have been auto-enrolled from a wait list into a class. If a student is automatically enrolled in a class, additional fees will be charged by this enrollment and must be paid within ten calendar days to avoid being dropped.  Classes for which a student is wait listed do not count as official enrollment and may not be used to fulfill enrollment requirements toward financial aid, Veterans benefits, athletic participation or verifications of enrollment.

It is the student’s responsibility to check daily their email and/or the status of their wait listed classes on eServices. It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure Palomar has their current email on file.

Students will not be auto-enrolled from the wait list if any one of the following conditions exists:

  • Corequisites or prerequisites for the wait listed class are not met.
  • Hold on student record (past due fees, address hold, SSN verification, disciplinary hold, etc).
  • Official enrollment into the same course but different section.
  • Time conflict with another course.

If any of the conditions listed above exists, the auto-enroll system will enroll the next wait listed student.  It is the student’s responsibility to verify all holds are cleared.  You will not be notified if your position is skipped during the auto-enroll process.

The last day students can add themselves to a wait list is the Tuesday before the start of the class. Students will no longer be auto-enrolled beginning the Wednesday before the first day of classes. Beginning on the first day of classes, student enrollment into closed classes will be at the discretion of the instructor, and require a permission code. If a student was not automatically enrolled and is still interested in adding classes for which they are wait-listed, the student must attend the class on the first day and obtain a permission number or have an add slip signed by the instructor. If it is an online class, students must email the instructor on or after the first day of class to request a permission number to add the class, or attend the on-campus orientation to obtain the instructor signature on an add slip.

What prevents students from adding themselves to a wait list?

  • Enrollment appointment date/time has not yet been reached
  • Prerequisites/corequisites for the class are not met
  • Instructor consent required to enroll in the class
  • Student has a hold on their account
  • The last day to wait list has passed
  • Wait list is at its capacity
  • Already enrolled or waitlisted in another section of the same course
  • Term unit limit is exceeded with enrolled and/or waitlisted courses: fall and spring, 19.0; summer, 12.0.


Last modified on April 28, 2017

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