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Carefully read the following CARE Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC).  Upon completion, click on the red button below to begin your CARE Online Continuing Student Orientation.

  • I must maintain my eligibility as an EOPS student and meet all the requirements stated in the EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract.
  • I will complete an EOPS and CARE online orientation every summer, fall and spring of attendance.
  • I will meet with an EOPS/CARE Counselor three times a semester to establish an educational goal and to develop an Educational Plan. The 1st contact (beginning of the semester) is to create, review and/or revise your educational plan. The 2nd contact (mid-semester) is to discuss your progress, challenges and the need to change your goals or plan. The 3rd contact (toward the end of the semester) is to assess your success in reaching the objectives of that term and to provide assistance to prepare you for the next term.
  • I will attend a mandatory workshop every fall and spring semester.
  • I will only enroll in classes listed on my Educational Plan, and I will notify my EOPS/CARE Counselor prior to making changes to my class schedule or before dropping/withdrawing from classes.
  • I will enroll in and complete 12 units each semester or have an approved unit waiver on file.
  • I will earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or better each semester (summer session included).
  • I understand that I will be required to provide annual verification of continued CARE/CalWORKs eligibility.I will complete an exit interview with an EOPS/CARE counselor prior to leaving EOPS/CARE.
  • I understand that all services including the CARE grant are to be used for educational purposes.
  • I will notify the EOPS/CARE Counselor of any break or change in my CalWORKs benefits. I understand that I am only eligible for CARE as long as my child/children or I continue to receive CalWORKs.
  • I will apply for and complete a Financial Aid Application each academic year.
  • I understand that failure to fulfill the provisions listed above may result in being dropped from the CARE program and/or receiving CARE services.