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Extended Opportunities Programs & Services

Counseling Services Division

Important Dates & Deadlines




January 2         Continuing students can begin scheduling 1st EOPS/CARE counseling contact

January 16       EOPS/CARE Spring counseling contacts begin

January 16       First day to submit EOPS/CARE Spring petition

January 29       First day of spring semester



February 7        1st Spring New CARE Student Orientation

February 23      Deadline to submit EOPS/CARE Spring petitions

February 26      Deadline to submit Spring EOPS application

February 26      Deadline to submit Spring EOPS/CARE Continuing Student Online Orientation

February 28      Deadline to submit Spring graduation petition to Evaluations Office



March 5           Deadline to submit Spring CARE application

March 9           Recommended deadline for 1st EOPS/CARE counseling contact

March 9           Deadline to attend Spring New EOPS Student Orientation

March 9           Deadline to receive pending Spring EOPS application documents

March 9            Recommended date to start 2nd EOPS/CARE counseling contact

March 12         2nd and final Spring New CARE Student Orientation

March 12         Deadline to submit EOPS/CARE Spring appeals



April 20            Recommended Deadline for 2nd EOPS Spring counseling contact

April 20            Deadline for 2nd CARE Spring counseling contact

April 20            Recommended date to start 3rd Spring EOPS/CARE counseling contact



May 25             Deadline for 3rd EOPS/CARE counseling contact

May 25             Commencement Ceremony