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Extended Opportunities Programs & Services

Counseling Services Division

Student Responsibilities



  • Adhere to the Mutual Responsibility Contract (listed below)
  • Attend three EOPS counseling contacts each semester
  • Attend or cancel all scheduled counseling appointments
  • Complete the semester with 9+ units (6 units if a DRC waiver is on file)
  • Maintain a 2.0 semester GPA or better
  • Complete the number of units for the book voucher amount received
  • Complete the EOPS Online Continuing Student Orientation after you have reviewed the MUTUAL RESPONSIBILITY CONTRACT below.  The deadline for this orientation is listed under the Important Dates & Deadlines tab.


  • I will complete an EOPS online orientation, summer, fall and spring of attendance.
  • I will meet with an EOPS Counselor 3 times each semester (fall/spring and once if I attend summer session)
  • I will maintain and complete the following number of units or have an approved EOPS Director’s Waiver on file
    • New EOPS student: 12 or more units during fall/spring
    • Continuing EOPS student: 9 or more units during fall/spring
  • I will maintain a 2.0 GPA or better each semester.
  • I will follow my six-semester EOPS Educational Plan and only enroll in those courses recommended by my EOPS Counselor.
  • I will adhere to the EOPS “No Show” Policy by cancelling and rescheduling appointments when I am unable to attend my scheduled EOPS counseling appointments.
  • I will regularly check the EOPS website and my Palomar College e-mail account for update, information and correspondence.
  • I will update the College with any changes in my contact information.

Disruptive or Sick Students, Children or Other Adults Policy
If a student brings their child/ren or another adult to a counseling contact appointment, those present are not permitted to be disruptive.  A counselor may chose to decline an appointment or terminate an appointment early if this policy is not adhered to.  If that occurs, a student is required to reschedule their appointment. Please note that children will not be permitted to remain in the lobby area during an appointment without responsible adult supervision.


  1. Do not adhere to the Mutual Responsibility Contract
  2. Fail to show or cancel a scheduled appointment with an EOPS counselor.
  3. Exceed 70 degree applicable units or 6 consecutive semesters

If you were disqualified from the EOPS program for reasons 1 or 2 above, you may submit a completed Petition. Click here:  Petition EOPS – CARE Fall & Spring 2019-2020 before the deadline for possible re-qualification.