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Appointment Information

Making an Appointment with a Tutor

On the main campus, ESL tutors are available in H-118, the ESL Tutoring Center. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are highly recommended. To schedule an appointment, please go to H-118 or call (760) 744-1150 ext. 4482. All appointments are 30 minutes. Only one appointment can be made for any given day, and no more than two future appointments can be made at any one time.

In Escondido, ESL tutors are available in the TLC (Teaching and Learning Center) during the regular semester. No appointments are necessary to see an ESL tutor in Escondido.

In all locations, you must be a current student of Palomar College and have your Palomar ID number to receive tutorial services.

Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Tutoring Sessions

  1. Change your attitude about seeing a tutor. Successful students enjoy hanging out at a tutoring center and getting help from the tutors. Think of the center as your daily gym and not an emergency room. Visit the tutoring center early and often in the semester. Do not wait until it is the night before the due date for an assignment.
  2. Apply time management skills by making tutorial appointments and arriving on time. If you are going to be more than a few minutes late, call (760)744-1150 ext. 4482 to inform the tutor on duty. You should always call (760)744-1150 ext. 4482 to cancel or re-schedule an appointment. Chronic no-shows will be referred to the director of ESL Tutoring Program before they can make appointments again.
  3. Arrive with appropriate preparation and materials, i.e. your textbook, your assignment sheet, your teacher’s notes or referral slip, your drafts, and your specific questions for the tutor.
  4. If you come in for assistance with a paragraph or essay you have written, please bring a copy of your draft and, if possible, an electronic copy of your document on a flash drive.
  5. Expect to do most of the talking and writing while being guided by the tutor.
  6. Do not expect the tutor to just edit your paper for you, give you every answer, or cover everything. A successful tutoring session is a collaborative process aimed at higher levels of student learning.
  7. Demonstrate self-reliance by articulating what you need to work on following each tutoring session.


Last modified on August 27, 2019