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2017/2018 Financial Aid Forms


Only submit documents that are requested on your To Do list. Do not download all forms

If you were selected for Verification, the Verification Worksheets are located on your To Do list.  Please make sure to also submit any Tax Return Transcripts, if applicable, unless you used the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on your FAFSA. If you see the Verification Worksheet on your To Do list but cannot download it successfully, please contact us immediately at

Appeals (if required):
Please see Appeals & Special Circumstances page

Clarification/Miscellaneous Forms:
Asset Worksheet
BAS Clarification
Cancel/Decline/Reinstate Aid
Clarification of Prior Degree/Graduate Program
Citizen & Eligible Non-Citizen Verification
Consent to Release Information 
Dependency Status Review
FA Eligible Majors
Foreign Income Conversion
Household Size Clarification
Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

Independent Status Certification
Marital Status Resolution- Dependent
Marital Status Resolution- Independent
Maximum Time Frame (Unit Limit) Worksheet
Message Transmittal
Proof of Dependent
Request for Check Pick-Up (only one check pick-up per school year will be approved)
Selective Service Form
Tax Extension Form
Unusual Enrollment

Dependency Override:
Dependency Override
Dependency Override ContinuationMust have a Dependency Override Approved at Palomar College in a Prior Year

2017/2018 Paper FAFSA

Special Circumstances:
Please see Appeals & Special Circumstances page

Last modified on May 22, 2018